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Food & Talk

In the Fall, the annual Food & Talk event features dinner and philosophical discussion in an informal setting. The general format is this: after dinner, two of the philosophy faculty start things off by responding to a given question or topic of broad philosophical interest. Discussion ensues.

Most Recently

A Philosophical Forum on Racial Justice

Led by Drs. Auxter and Pismenny

Dr. Auxter’s Notes

Dr. Pismenny’s Slides

History of Food & Talk

The following is a list of previous Food & Talk topics. To give you a feel for the event, there are several sample transcripts available for download. You may need a password to open some of these PDF files. The password is: food.

“Beauty and its Beasts: The Ethics of Appreciating Art by Immoral Artists” (2019)


“Social Media: Networking or Not Working?” (2018)
Dr. Borges’s Response

“Expertise: Who Should I Believe? Thinking for Yourself and Trusting Experts” (2017)
Dr. Duncan’s Response
Dr. Purves’s Response

“Democracy at Issue” (2016)
Dr. D’Amico’s Response
Dr. Palmer’s Response

“How Much Does Gender Matter?” (2015)
Dr. J. Rothschild’s Response

“Should College Teach Character?” (2014)
Dr. Ahlberg’s Response

“Who Does Philosophy? And Why Them? Questions of Diversity in the Discipline” (2013)
Dr. Westmoreland’s Response
Dr. Witmer’s Response

“How Can I Believe I’m Right When All These Other Smart People Disagree?” (2012)
Dr. Witmer’s Response

“Wicked Eating: Is Your Food Evil?” (2011)
Dr. Ahlberg’s Response

“Does Science Need Philosophy?” (2010)
Dr. Jubien’s Response
Dr. D’Amico’s Response

“What is the Good Life?” (2009)
Dr. Ludwig’s Response

“The Philosophical Life” (2008)
Dr. Palmer’s Response

“Thought Experiments & Intuition Pumps” (2007)

“Evil” (2006)

“Reason, Controversy, and Neutrality: The Role of Philosophy in a Liberal Education” (2005)

“Is Philosophy Still the Love of Wisdom?” (2004)
Dr. Palmer’s Response
Dr. Witmer’s Response

“Philosophy, War, and Terrorism” (2003)

“What’s So Special About Philosophy?” (2002)

“Is Religion Anything More than Institutionalized Superstition?” (2001)
Dr. Ludwig’s Response
Dr. Tresan’s Response

“Philosophy in Popular Culture and Academia” (2000)

“Does Philosophy Make Progress?” (1999)

“Is Life Worth Living?” (1998)

“What is the Value of Studying Philosophy” (1997)

“Continental and Analytic Philosophy” (1996)