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Graduate Studies in Philosophy at UF

Advanced study in philosophy is challenging and demanding. Our graduate program is designed to provide students with systematic, advanced training in the discipline. For those with a deep and abiding interest in fundamental philosophical issues about ourselves and our world, the opportunity to study philosophy at this level is tremendously exciting. The department’s success in inculcating a high degree of professionalization in its graduate students shows in their success in placing papers at national and regional conferences and in publication.

Our philosophical community is lively and engaged—and we encourage a collegial and supportive atmosphere. At the University of Florida, we have a vibrant group of graduate student scholars who are exploring their highest aim–the pursuit of philosophy. We hope that people who join us at the University of Florida to do graduate work in philosophy will likewise find a level of excitement that matches the high level of training that we aim to offer. If you are considering graduate studies in philosophy, we invite you to explore our web site and contact the Graduate Coordinator for more information.