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New Graduate Concentration in Ethics of Technology

The UF Graduate School has recently approved a new graduate concentration in Ethics of Technology.

Technological advances, including gene editing, geoengineering, surveillance, machine learning, robotics, and big data, are impacting diverse areas of our modern society. Public and private institutions affected by this technological progress include criminal justice, healthcare, media, transportation, and conservation science, to name only a few. These technologies and their applications raise novel ethical and social issues that philosophically trained ethicists are particularly well-positioned to address. The nine-credit graduate concentration in Ethics of Technology for students in the UF Department of Philosophy provides them with the tools to identify, evaluate, and work toward resolution of many of the ethical and social issues arising from the applications of newly emerging technologies. Completion of the coursework for this concentration will provide graduate students a certification of their expertise in ethics of technology when applying for jobs and will provide a solid foundation for specialized work in the area.

Click here a full description of the concentration requirements and schedule of courses.