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Dr. Thomas Auxter

Dr. Thomas Auxter

Currently Teaching

  • Ethics of Communication
  • Latin American Philosophy

Office Hours (Fall)

  • Mondays and Wednesdays 4:00pm – 4:50pm

Areas of Specialization

  • Modern Philosophy
  • Ethics

Curriculum Vitae

Contact Information

Email: tauxter
Office: 115C Griffin-Floyd
Dr. Auxter is Associate Professor of Philosophy and former president of the United Faculty of Florida.


  • Kant's Moral Teleology. Mercer University Press, 1982.

Selected Papers

  • "Organizing Faculty Unions in a Right-to-Work Environment," Journal of Collective Margaining in the Academy 8 (2016), Article 8. , opens in a new window
  • "Collective Bargaining and Labor Representation for Higher Education in a 'Right to Work' Environment," National Center Proceedings 2016, Journal of Collective Bargaining in the Academy.
  • "Performance Funding for Higher Education: The Hidden Costs and Consequences," Thought and Action: The NEA Higher Education Journal(Summer 2015), 153-61.
  • "Radical Transformations in Higher Education: Where Do We Go From Here?" Thought and Action: The NEA Higher Education Journal (2010), 59-69.
  • "A New Progressive Era in Higher Education," Thought and Action: The NEA Higher Education Journal, introduction to the "Special Focus" of the 2009 issue, 83.
  • "Higher Education and the National Security State," Thought and Action: The NEA Higher Education Journal, introduction to the "Special Focus" of the 2005 issue, 91-2.
  • "The Right Not to be Eaten," Ethical Vegetarianism: From Pythagoras to Peter Singer, edited by Kerry S. Walters and Lisa Portmess, (Albany: State University of New York, 1999), 177-87. (reprint)
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  • "The Teleology of Kant's Ectypal World," Les Actes du Congres d'Ottawa sur Kant, (Ottawa: Editiones de l'Universite d'Ottawa , 1976), 513-19.


  • "University Faculty Productivity: Issues, Choices, and Policy Recommendations," Faculty Productivity Issues in the State Universities, Council for Education Policy, Research and Improvement, July 2002, Appendix B 1-4.
  • "The Meaning of Cost-Effective Higher Education," American Federation of Teachers, Report of the Advisory Commission of Higher Education, No. 5, Summer 1979, 1-12.

Faculty Representation

  • President, United Faculty of Florida, 2001-15
  • First Vice President, United Faculty of Florida University of Florida, 2008-14
  • President, United Faculty of Florida, University of Florida 1978-80, 1983-85, 1998-2001
  • Vice President for the State University System, United Faculty of Florida, 1990-91, 1993-97
  • First Vice President, United Faculty of Florida, 1991-93