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Nathan Rothschild

Nathan Rothschild

Currently Teaching

  • The Idea of Happiness
  • Ancient Greek Philosophy

Office Hours (Fall)

  • Wednesdays 1:00pm - 4:00pm over Zoom

Areas of Specialization

  • Ancient Philosophy
  • Moral Psychology
  • Freud; Kant
  • 20th Century Continental

Curriculum Vitae

Contact Information

Email: njrothschild
Office: 311 Griffin-Floyd
Nathan Rothschild did his PhD work at the University of Chicago, and was briefly a post-doc at Bowdoin College before coming to University of Florida. He is a specialist in Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy. His main interest is in philosophical psychology which he understands as an intersection of metaphysics and ethics. The philosophers he cares about most are Plato, Aristotle, Kant and Heidegger. He also has a deep respect for the psychoanalytic tradition of depth psychology. Currently, he is working on Plato’s account of thumos (narcissism) and concept of intra-psychic persuasion. One day he hopes to be able to write a book on Plato’s contention that all desire is erotic.​

Recent Work