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Avoiding the Regress Problem for Moral Uncertainty Principles

November 22, 2019

Michael Bukoski (FSU) People are often uncertain about what they morally ought to do, sometimes because they are uncertain about relevant moral facts or principles….… Moral uncertaintists argue that moral uncertainty of this sort makes a difference to what one morally ought to do; for example, perhaps someone who believes that raising and killing animals for […]

World Philosophy Day

November 21, 2019

The United Nations celebrates the “enduring value of philosophy for the development of human thought.” World Philosophy Day 2019 is dedicated to “highlighting the importance of philosophy in different regional contexts — regional contributions to global debates on contemporary challenges that support social transformations — stimulating global collaboration to address major challenges such as migration, […]

Ethics Poster Fair!

November 18, 2019

Students participants in UF Intersections on Ethics in the Public Sphere will present posters reflecting their group research and analysis of the ethical dimensions of contemporary public issues. Poster topics will include gender equity, sustainability, food, immigration, race, education reform, and religious pluralism. Come to explore how we can tackle complex issues and learn more about the […]

‘A Coming Out of Ourselves’: Knowing Our Place in Racial Justice

November 14, 2019

Dr. Christopher Lebron (Johns Hopkins) Racial injustice has remained a stubborn feature of American society. One reason for its persistence is that everyday Americans fail to understand…… the problem of racial injustice as a lived experience. In his talk, Dr. Lebron will explore the uses of moral imagination to expand white Americans’ awareness of racial inequality […]

ETHICS CAFES: Talk About What’s On Your Mind

November 7, 2019

Topic: Free College Wrestle with hard questions in a friendly, civil setting. No previous training is necessary. Ethics Cafes is organized by UF Intersections on Ethics in the Public Sphere.  

Beauty and Its Beasts: The Ethics of Appreciating the Art of Immoral Artists

November 7, 2019

24th Annual Food & Talk event! Join us for dinner and discussion on a topic of broad philosophical interest Professors Jaime Ahlberg and Jon Rick will open the discussion with remarks on the ethics of appreciating the art of immoral artists.

Florida Philosophical Association Conference

Nov 1, 2019 - 12:00 am-November 2, 2019

The 64th annual meeting of the FPA takes place November 1st & 2nd on the UF Campus. Dr. Leslie Francis (Utah) Keynote Speaker

ETHICS CAFES: Talk About What’s On Your Mind

October 28, 2019

Topic: Climate Change Wrestle with hard questions in a friendly, civil setting. No previous training is necessary. Ethics Cafes is organized by UF Intersections on Ethics in the Public Sphere.

Dialectic in the Cave

September 13, 2019

Dr. Hugh Benson (Univ Oklahoma) A common crux in Republic scholarship surrounds a passage found near the end of Plato’s image of the Cave in which Socrates instructs…… Glaucon to apply this image to what was said before. How — the problem goes — are we to apply (προσαπτε’ον) the image of the Cave to what has been […]

Too Close: The Ethics of Displaying Art in the Era of #MeToo

September 8, 2019

Dr. Jaime Ahlberg (UF Philosophy) & Jillian Hernandez (UF Gender Studies) When high-profile artists are accused of sexual misconduct, how should the art world respond. Inspired by CENTURY’s Chuck Close photograph of…… Lorna Simpson, and John Berger’s provocative claim that ‘looking is a political act,’ we explore the ethics of promoting work by high-profile artists embroiled in the […]

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