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Dr. Kyle Driggers

Currently Teaching

  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Political Philosophy
  • Modern Philosophy

Office Hours (Fall)

  • By appointment over Zoom

Areas of Specialization

  • Early Modern Philosophy (especially Spinoza, Descartes, and Locke)

Curriculum Vitae

Contact Information

Email: kyledriggers
Office: 330 Griffin-Floyd Hall



  • "Could Spinoza Understand his own Metaphysics?" NY/NJ Research Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy, October 2019 (Invited)
  • "The Unity of Substance and Attribute in Spinoza" Atlantic Canada Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy, Dalhousie University, July 2019 (Refereed)
  • "Tschirnhaus' Question, Revisited: Why We Can Know Only Two of God's Attributes" Collegium Spinozanum II, University of Groningen, July 2017 (Refereed)
  • "The Status of Spinoza's Ineffable Attributes" Michigan State University Leibniz-Spinoza Workshop, April 2016 (Refereed)
  • Descartes-Spinoza Workshop, Johns Hopkins University, September 2014 (Invited)
  • Comments on "Against an Account of Groundmaking" Pacific Meeting of the American Philosophical Association, April 2014 (Invited)