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Dr. Jeremy Davis

Areas of Specialization

  • Ethics, Political Philosophy, Bioethics

Curriculum Vitae

CV 2020

Contact Information

Email: jeremydavis
Jeremy Davis is a postdoctoral associate in the Philosophy department, with interests in normative and applied ethics, political philosophy, and other cognate areas. His position is part of the "Algorithmic Policing and Public Trust in Law Enforcement" project, which is funded by the University of Florida Consortium on Trust in Media and Technology, and led by Dr. Duncan Purves.


  • (forthcoming) "Value Promotion as a Goal of Medicine." Journal of Medical Ethics.
  • (2020) "Boycotts, Expressive Acts, and Withdrawal of Support." Business Ethics Journal Review 8 (3).
  • (forthcoming) "Toward a Collectivist National Defense." Philosphia.
  • (forthcoming) "The Case for an Autonomy-Centered View of Physician-Assisted Death." (with Eric Mathison) Journal of Bioethical Inquiry.
  • (2017) "Is There a Right to the Death of the Fetus?" (with Eric Mathison) Bioethics 31 (3) (doi: 10.1111/bioe.12331)
  • Book Review: The Ethics of Preventive War, Deen K. Chatterjee (ed.) Dialogue, Canadian Philosophical Review, 54:3, pp. 565-66.