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Dr. Jaime Ahlberg

Jaime Ahlberg

Currently Teaching

  • On leave this term

Areas of Specialization

  • Social and Political Philosophy
  • Ethical Theory

Curriculum Vitae

Contact Information

Email: jlahlberg
Office: 332 Griffin-Floyd

Current Projects

  • Schooling and Disability, co-authoring with Dr. Catherine Gavin Loss.

Edited Volume


Presentations & Workshops

  • "On Inclusion", Panel Participant for "Disability and Education". American Philosophical Association, Association for Philosophy of Education Group Meeting, New York, January 2019.
  • "Disability as Difference: Implications for Educational Justice", invited panel participant for "Ethics and Education in the Age of Accountability". UF Synergies Series, Center for Humanities and the Public Sphere, University of Florida, October 2018.
  • "Theorizing Disability for Educational Justice", invited panel Participant, North American Association for Philosophy of Education, Mundelein IL, October 2018.
  • Invited panel Participant, Author Meets Critics session on Melinda Hall's The Bioethics of Enhancement: Transhumanism, Disability, and Biopolitics.
    • Florida Philosophical Association, November 2017.
  • Panel Participant, Author Meets Critics session on Randall Curren and Ellen Metzger's Living Well Now and In the Future: Why Sustainability Matters (MIT Press, 2017).
    • Philosophy of Education Society, Seattle, March 2017.
  • Discussion leader on "Florida's Water Ethics" for seminar on Humanities and the Sunshine State.
    • UF Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere, University of Florida, June 2017.
  • "Principles and Judgment: Case-based Reasoning in Philosophy of Education", panel participant on For Example...Reflections on the Use of Case Studies in Philosophy of Education.
    • Philosophy of Education Society, Toronto March 2016
  • Invited commentary on Ann Cudd's "What's Wrong with Inequality in Access to Higher Education?"
    • Conference in Honor of Professor Dan Hausman, University of Wisconsin, May 2015
  • Principal investigator for workshop/conference series From Procreative Ethics to Parental Rights, 2014-2015.
  • Discussion leader for "Diversity and Ethics"
    • Seminar on Humanities and the Sunshine State. Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere. University of Florida, June 2015.
  • "Sectoral Justice in Ideal and Nonideal Theory" Symposium keynote address. University of Rochester, April 2015
  • "Nonideal Politicians or Nonideal Circumstances: Rethinking Dirty Hands"
    • UNF, Keynote Address for Northeast Florida Philosophy Conference, March 2015
  • "Children of Choice and Educational Responsibility" Workshop "From Procreative Ethics to Parental Rights", UF, February 2015 Florida Philosophical Association, November 2014
  • Workshops for the History and Philosophy of Education book series (University of Chicago Press), eds. Randall Curren and Jon Zimmerman (funded to participate)
    • University of Rochester, April 2015
    • NYU, March 2014
    • NYU, November 2013
  • "Flourishing Amidst Dilemmas of Difference"
    • American Educational Research Association, April 2014
  • "On the Causal Origins of Special Educational Need"
    • American Philosophical Association, March 2014
  • Panel Participant, "Rights, Redistribution, and Recognition in Three Domains of Educational Justice"
    • Philosophy of Education Society, March 2014
  • Workshop for the Spencer Foundation's Philosophy of Education Winter Institute
    • Concurrent with American Philosophical Association, March 2014 (funded to participate)
  • Workshop on "Education, Liberty, and the State: The Evolution of American Public Education"
    • The Liberty Fund, Scottsdale Arizona, January 2014 (funded to participate)
  • "Educational Justice for the Cognitively Disabled"
    • "Education: Ideals and Practices" conference, sponsored by the Liberty Fund, invited, August 2013
    • American Educational Research Association, April 2013
    • American Philosophical Association, December 2012
    • Florida Philosophical Association, November 2012
  • Educational Justice and Disability
    • Speaker for the Spencer Foundation's Philosophy of Education Summer Institute, July 2013 (funded to participate)
  • Invited discussant for "Equality of Opportunity and Education: Competing Values in Theory and Practice"
    • American Educational Research Association, April 2013 (funded to participate)
  • Panel Participant, "Good Social Science Makes for Better Philosophy of Education: An Interdisciplinary Provocation"
    • Philosophy of Education Society annual meeting, March 2013
  • Commentaries on Mike Tiboris's "Undermatching and Personal Autonomy" and Harry Brighouse's "Educational Goods and How to Distribute Them"
    • Association for Philosophy of Education (American Philosophical Association, Central Division Meeting), February 2013
  • Participant in the conference, "Virtue (Moral and Epistemic): Can we be Taught to Act and Believe Wisely?"
    • Stanford University, October 2012 (funded to participate)
  • "Seeing Justice, Seeking Justice"
    • Christian Study Center of Gainesville FL, September 2012
  • "Real Utopias in Education", with Harry Brighouse
    • American Sociological Association annual meeting, August 2012
  • Discussant in "Purposes and Justifications of the Pell Grant Program"
    • The Spencer Foundation, April 2012 (funded to participate)
  • "Disability in Nozick's Utopia"
    • Florida Philosophical Association, November 2011
    • Florida State University, December 2011
  • Invited commentary on Lionel McPherson's "Righting Historical Injustice in Higher Education"
    • Spencer Foundation conference, "Achieving the Aims of Higher Education: Problems of Morality and Justice", Northwestern University, October 2011 (funded to participate)
  • "On the Practical Value of Ideal Theory"
    • University of Florida, Capstone Lecture for Southeast Graduate Philosophy Conference, March 2011
    • University of North Carolina, Greensboro, February 2010 Illinois State University, Normal, February 2010
    • Carnegie Mellon University, January 2010
  • Commentary on Jonathan F. Garthoff, "The First Virtue and the Realistic Utopia"
    • American Philosophical Association, Central Division Meeting, February 2010
  • "Educational Adequacy, Educational Equality, and Ideal Theory"
    • Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain, Oxford University, April 2009
  • Participant in "Justice & Educational Distribution" conference
    • Stanford University, September 2008 (funded to participate)
  • "On the Value of Ideal Theory"
    • The Institute of Education, University of London, June 2008
  • "An Argument Against Cloning"
    • "The Ethics of Bearing and Rearing Children", Society for Applied Philosophy Conference, University of Cape Town, May 2008

Public Philosophy

  • Panelist for Mercy Killers discussion, University of Florida, Phillips Center of the Performing Arts, 21 April 2019