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Dr. Arina Pismenny

Dr. Arina Pismeny

Currently Teaching

  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • The Self, Reason, and Ethics
  • Philosophy of Love and Sex

Office Hours (Fall)

  • Mondays and Wednesdays, 11:00am – 12:30pm

Areas of Specialization

  • Moral Psychology
  • Ethics
  • Philosophy of Mind

Areas of Teaching Interest

  • Personal Identity
  • Philosophy of Sex and Gender

Contact Information

Email: arinapismenny
Office: 330 Griffin-Floyd Hall
Arina Pismenny is Lecturer in Philosophy. She earned her Ph.D. from City University of New York, The Graduate Center. Her research is in moral psychology, ethics, and philosophy of mind. Her current projects include elucidating the relationship between romantic love and morality, analyzing the rational structures of affective states and complexes such as emotions, sentiments, and syndromes, and exploring the bearing of implicit biases on theoretical and practical rationality.

Recent Work

  • "The Amorality of Romantic Love." In R. Fedock, M. Kühler, and R. Rosenhagen (Eds.), Love, Justice, Autonomy. New York: Routledge. Forthcoming.
  • Moral Psychology of Love, co-editing with Berit Brogaard as part of the Moral Psychology of Emotions, series editor Mark Alfano, Rowman & Littlefield. Work in progress.


  • "The erotic as a value." (in French) with Ronald de Sousa. In J. Deonna, & E. Tieffenbach (Eds.), A Small Treaty of Values (Petit Traité des Valeurs), 2018. (pp. 132-139). Paris: Editions d'Ithaque.
  • The Syndrome of Romantic Love. PhD Dissertation, City University of New York. Supervisor: Jesse Prinz. 2018.
  • "Is love an emotion?" with Jesse Prinz. In C. Grau & A. Smuts (Eds) The Oxford Handbook Of Philosophy Of Love. New York & Oxford: Oxford University Press. 2017.


  • "Is Love Gendered?" Oberlin College. Oberlin, OH. March 2019.
  • "Moral Emotions and Romantic Love". University of Florida. Gainesville, FL. March 2019.
  • "Staring down the green-eyed monster: romantic jealousy and ideology" as part of the Meta-Ethics and Moral Psychology Colloquium at the Canadian Philosophical Association. Université du Québec à Montréal. Montreal, Canada. June 2018.
  • "Expressions of Jealousy in Infants and Adults" for the Emotions and Expressions Workshop by the "Expression, Communication, and the Origins of Meaning" (ECOM) Research Group of the University of Connecticut. Storrs, CT. April 2018.
  • "Politics, Tribalism, and Implicit Biases" as part of the Politically [irrational] Animals panel discussion, Utah State University. Logan, UT. November 2018.
  • "The Rationality of Implicit Biases". Utah State University. Logan, UT. November 2018.
  • "When is Jealousy Appropriate?". Intermountain Conference. University of Utah. Salt Lake City, UT. November 2018.
  • "Romantic Love: Universality, Innateness, and Adaptation" for Cognitio, Young Researchers Conference in Cognitive Science. Université du Québec á Montréal. Montreal, Canada. June 2017.
  • "Why Love is Not a Moral Emotion" for the Society of Philosophy of Sex and Love at the American Philosophical Association, San Francisco, CA. April 2016.
  • "The Syndrome of Romantic Love". Invited. Montclair State University. Montclair, NJ. February 2016.
  • "The Arationality of Romantic Love". Symposium on Love. International Society for Research on Emotion, University of Geneva. Geneva, Switzerland. July 2015.
  • Comments on Monique Wonderly's "Love and Attachment: The Value of Self-Interestedness in Loving Relationships" American Philosophical Association. San Diego, CA. April 2014.
  • "Love and Irreplaceability". New York Society for Women in Philosophy. New York, NY. November 2013.

Invited Presentations

  • "Polyamory: A Philosophical Analysis". Invited. Montclair State University. Montclair, NJ. April 2018.
  • "The Comedy and Tragedy of Love". Invited. Montclair State University. Montclair, NJ. February 2018.
  • "Philosophy of Love". Invited. Mercy College. New York, NY. April 2016.
  • "Polyamory". Invited guest lecture. University of Toronto. Toronto, Canada. March 2015.
  • "Kant's Sex Problem and the Role of Consent in Legitimizing Sexual Relations". Invited. City University of New York, Hunter College. New York. Dec 2010.

Non-Academic Publications & Talks